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When you work in a busy retail environment, you want a headset that won’t weigh you down. Perform 45 is small and compact, fitting perfectly and discreetly around whichever ear you prefer to wear it on, so you always look approachable to customers. It comes with three sizes of EarGel™, to help find your perfect fit, and weighs in at just 18g, so you’ll be comfortable all day. Perform 45 makes light work of even the longest shifts.

9 out of 10 retail workers say noise is a constant challenge. The advanced ultra-noise-cancelling microphone in Perform 45 removes up to 80% of background noise from your side, so colleagues will hear you right the first time. We’ve also optimized the speaker for speech clarity, so you’ll hear them clearly too. Which means you’ll get what you need the first time you ask.

Things can happen fast in retail, and you and your colleagues need to be able to communicate with each other instantly. Push-to-Talk* lets you push a button on your headset and instantly talk to all your colleagues at once, so questions, queries, and problems get solved fast. It works like a walkie-talkie, but you don’t have to fumble around to get your device out of your pocket. Because great customer service is a team effort.

We’ve optimized the design of Perform 45 to make it easy to set up and use. Minimal button interactions and intuitive placement means you’re not fumbling around for the right button when it matters. It’s easy to sanitize, to avoid germs and stay safe. And it’s durable too, with IP54-rated protection from dust and water, and an extended warranty. All you have to do is enjoy using it. And we made that easy too.

Get up to 20 hours of Push-to-Talk usage, so you can stay connected to your colleagues throughout your shift, or up to 8 hours if you’re just using it for calls. And with 100m / 300ft of wireless range, you can leave your device while you run to help a customer without worrying about losing connection. Perform 45 is your most dependable colleague.

Lifting up the microphone boom arm on Perform 45 activates Face2Face mode, which instantly mutes all incoming audio. That means customers get your undivided attention for a better service experience. And if you need to ask your colleagues a quick question? Just pull it back down again. It’s like a mute button for your co-workers.

The Push-to-Talk button works with leading platforms like Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie and Zebra Workforce Connect straight out of the box. But if Push-to-Talk isn’t something your business uses, you can use Jabra Direct to re-program the button for other useful things, such as speed dial, mute, and check battery. We’re making it easy to keep track, update, and customize all devices across the organization using Jabra Xpress***. One little headset. So many possibilities.

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Additional information

Box contents

Headset, USB-C to USB-A cable, safety information and warranty, 3
sizes of EarGels™


18g, 0.63oz

USB cable length

1.2m, 3.9ft


2 years

Noise reduction on calls


Speaker frequency range

20Hz – 20000Hz

Talk time

Up to 8 hours

Push-To-Talk time

Up to 20 hours

Charging time

Up to 140 minutes

Standby time

Up to 9 days


Bluetooth, operating range up to 100m, 300ft, paired devices up to 8 Bluetooth devices


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